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Biography is one of the largest satellite retailer & wholesaler on the internet. We import and distribute only the highest quality products and great prices and offer the people who keep us in business excellent service. We sell digital FTA, CI & CA satellite set top box receivers, LNB's and LNBF's, Dishes, Motors, Switches, Cables, Connectors, Meters, and much much more.... You benifit from super low prices and great customer service. If you are ever concerned about the service we provide you, please email me personally at

Interests always has the best interest of its customers in mind. we always rather have a satisfied customer who will come back to us for all his or her satellite needs. that's why when you call or email us, we don't try to upsell you. we understand that when you purchase from us, you are confident that we are 100% honest and like to keep that trust. if we recommend something to you, we are sure that you will have use for it whether it's to make your installation a bit easier, or if it's for the better enjoyment of your brand new fta satellite tv system.